Subterranean (Manitoba) Ltd.

Who we are

Subterranean is a piling subcontractor in Manitoba with in excess of 50 years of experience. Situated in RM of West St. Paul, we provide construction services in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta.

What we do

As a piling contractor, we provide both general and specialized foundation work ranging in size from small to multimillion-dollar projects. We are equipped to provide the following foundation services:

  • drilled cast in place piles
  • auger cast piles (CFA)
  • micropiles
  • driven precast/steel/timber piles
  • foundation underpinning
  • jacked pipe piles
  • vibrofloation
  • stone columns
  • caissons
  • belled cast in place pile
  • sheet piling
  • shoring (cantilevered/braved/tied)
  • secant/tangent walls
  • soil mixing
  • hard rock drilling
  • inside/low clearance piling
  • large diameter drilling to 24' Φ
  • soil testing (small diameter)
  • rock socketing
  • cofferdams
  • screw piles